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SharkFest'19 EUROPE Retrospective

November 4th - 8th, 2019
Palacio Estoril Hotel | Estoril, Portugal

Keynote Presentation

Wednesday Classes

Thursday Classes

  • 16: War story: troubleshooting issues on encrypted links by Christian Landström
  • 17: Wireshark as a part of your DevSecOps Cycle by Milorad Imbra
  • 18: Reliable Packet Capture by Christian Reusch
  • 19: EXPERT PANEL: Pros & Cons of Building your own Capture Appliance by Sake Blok, Jasper Bongertz, Hansang Bae, Luca Deri, and Chris Greer
  • 20: Automate your analysis: tshark, the Swiss army knife by Andre Luyer
  • 21: Analysis & Troubleshooting of IPsec VPNs by Jean-Paul Archier
  • 22: Using Wireshark to solve real problems for real people: step-by-step case studies in packet analysis by Kary Rogers
  • 23: Is it the network? (Part 1) by Matthias Kaiser
  • 24: IPv6 Crash Course:Understanding IPv6 as seenon the wire by Johannes Weber
  • 25: The Packet Doctors are In! by Drs. Bae, Blok, Bongertz, Landström & Rogers
  • 26: Is it the network? (Part 2) by Matthias Kaiser
  • 27: WiFi Security 101 (Part 1 by Thomas D'Otreppe
  • 28: Case studies of a cloud-based packet analysis and learning platform by Oliver-Tobias Ripka
  • 29: Troubleshooting Cisco Software-Defined Access architectures with Wireshark by Josh Halley
  • 30: WiFi Security 101 (Part 2 by Thomas D'Otreppe

Friday Classes