You’re invited to present a 5-minute SharkByte at Sharkfest’17 Europe!

Date: Thursday, November 9th, 2017
Time: 8:30am - 9:30am
Place: Atlantico Room, Hotel Palacio Estoril, Portugal

What is a SharkByte?

SharkBytes consist of “little crunchy bits of wisdom.” Like the immensely popular TED Talks, SharkBytes aim to inform, inspire, surprise and delight by delivering a speech on a personal topic in under 5 minutes.

SharkBytes presentations, introduced at SharkFest’14, are a highlight of the conference. Each year, 10 attendees offer glimpses into their lives by speaking about a particular interest, hobby, or proclivity (unrelated to Wireshark!) that reveals a side of them that fellow SharkFesters would not otherwise know. Attendees volunteer to present a 5-minute piece through the sign-up form.

SharkByte Topics

SharkByte topics should:

  • • require less than 5 minutes to deliver (time is strictly enforced)
  • • be aimed at “informing, inspiring, surprising, and delighting” the audience
  • • be based on personal or professional first-hand experiences unrelated to Wireshark

SharkByte topics should not be:

  • • political
  • • defamatory to any person, organization or entity
  • • used to promote, announce, or market any product