Imperial Riding School Renaissance Vienna - Official Hotel of SharkFest'18 Europe

SharkFest'18 Europe Room Reservations
Check-In date: 10/28/18
Check-Out date: 11/2/18
Last day to book your room: 10/18/18

To book your special group rate, please visit: Book your room for SharkFest'18 Europe

  1. SharkFest’18 Europe Single Room Rate €115 (includes taxes and duties)
  2. SharkFest’18 Europe Double Room Rate €135 (includes taxes and duties)
  3. Free Wi-Fi in all areas
  4. American breakfast buffet included
  5. Free access to the swimming pool, fitness club and sauna 

  6. Special parking rate €19 daily (maximum 10 hours). Overnight parking is €32

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