SharkFest'17 Europe Retrospective

SharkFest’17 Europe, the second annual Wireshark developer and user conference on the continent, took place November 7th - 10th at the Palacio Estoril Hotel in Portugal. Attendees traveled from 33 countries to share Wireshark knowledge and best practices in the art of packet analysis with one another in a magnificent, welcoming meeting space. The resulting conference recordings, session presentation templates, blogs, and more are now available as resources for all.

SharkFest'16 Europe Retrospective

SharkFest’16 Europe, the first Wireshark developer and user conference outside of the US, was a welcome educational and networking event according to the 200+ IT professionals from 20+ countries that gathered October 17th – 19th in Arnhem, Netherlands. Conference keynote recordings, session presentations and more are now available.